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Skinny5 Accelerated Weight Loss Program

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Optional 3 to 5 day juice and/or smoothie cleanse to jump start your weight loss

Please read this before starting the juice and/or smoothie cleanse plus program:  http://wp.me/p2wKh9-7w

Is Juicing Really Healthy

The juicer extracts virtually all of the fiber in the fruits and vegetables leaving behind a concentration of nutrients. Drinking cold-pressed or fresh-pressed juice delivers a nutritional boost to your system. Without making your body do all the work of digesting. But juices containing a lot of high sugar fruits may also spike blood sugar levels.  Gravitate towards fresh-pressed juices containing more vegetables than fruit. Or at least a balance of both vegetables and fruit.

Juicing vs Blending

Juicing requires removing fiber from fruits and vegetables. Again, organic cold-pressed or fresh-pressed juices provide a concentrated source of clean nutrients. Many people feel energized on a juice cleanse. Your body gets a break from doing all the hard work of digesting. Especially when you switch to fresh-pressed juices instead of a diet high in calories, empty carbohydrates, unhealthy fats, and refined sugars like GMO high-fructose corn syrup.

Blending fruits and vegetables retains all of the fiber they contain. Fiber helps prevent a variety of health problems, including diabetes, by maintaining normal blood glucose levels; cardiovascular disease, by removing excess cholesterol from the body through the digestive tract; and obesity, by providing the sensation of fullness between meals.

If you prefer juicing, compensate for lost fiber by eating a wide variety of whole fruits and vegetables.

Fresh-pressed or Cold-pressed Juices Contain More Nutrients

Fresh juice offers more nutrients than commercially processed juice because the FDA requires juice manufacturers to treat the juice with heat or chemicals to kill off potential pathogens. In the process, nutrients are destroyed. Fresh juice contains more vitamins, minerals, plant polyphenols, antioxidants, and live enzymes. Consuming fresh-pressed juice within several hours of juicing is crucial to obtaining the full health benefits.

Here’s the Problem

Juicing only fruit or mainly fruit may spike blood glucose levels with unused calories being stored as fat.  Blood sugar spikes are harmful if you are obese or have high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol.  Drinking pure juice without any fiber may aggravate these conditions.  Please, discuss whether or not juicing is a smart choice for you with your physician, if you suffer from any of these conditions.

Refer to the glycemic index food chart for the level in sugar in fruits and vegetables.  Many vegetables as well as some fruits like lemons, limes, and grapefruits contain lower levels of sugar.

Beyond Fiber, add Protein and Healthy Fat

If you have issues with blood sugar, blood pressure, or high cholesterol, it may be wiser to blend your fruit and vegetables to retain their fiber.  In addition, it is a good idea to add protein and healthy fat to your blended fruit and vegetable smoothies.  Adding additional fiber is also beneficial in preventing spikes in blood sugar which can lead to insulin resistance over time.


If you’re looking to jump start or accelerate your weight loss, consider starting the Skinny5 Program with an optional 3 to 5 day juice and/or smoothie cleanse.  If you’re new to cleanses you may find it hard to drink all your meals and not have anything to chew.  In this case, try substituting a breakfast and/or dinner meal with 2 fresh-pressed juices or a healthy smoothie. Your smoothies should incorporates fiber from fruits and vegetables, omega essential fatty acids aka healthy fats and protein in the the form of nut butters or seeds making each shake or smoothie a complete meal in itself.  You can also try a combination of 2 fresh-pressed juices for breakfast, a large clean eating, Skinny5 meal for lunch,  then a healthy smoothie for dinner.

A week or two prior to beginning a juice detox, begin to wean yourself off of alcohol, caffeine, sugar, unrefined carbohydrates.  Withdrawal from any or all of the above may cause discomfort.  Please read detox symptoms explained.  If you find you are having severe withdrawal symptoms, consider stopping the juice cleanse and weaning off of alcohol, caffeine, and sugar before trying again.  On the upside, detox symptoms usually last just a few days. So you may opt to tough it out. Drink plenty of water during the day combined with a good nights sleep.

This step is optional and if you are not comfortable with any part of the Skinny5 Accelerated Weight Loss Plan, please skip this portion of the program.  If you decide to try the juice and/or smoothie cleanse and don’t like the way it makes you feel, discontinue it immediately. A juice and smoothie cleanse should give you an increase in energy, and a feeling of being lighter.  You should feel healthier while on the juice and/or smoothie cleanse.  If you find yourself having the opposite reaction, please discontinue it immediately.

WEEK 1 – Juice Cleanse Plus, optional Day 1-3 Jump Start

NOTE:  You can have up to 6 drinks a day.  You can drink each juice or smoothie in two part, several hours apart.  Try drinking half of your fresh pressed juice or healthy smoothie, then waiting several hours to finish the rest.  Drink plenty of water, green tea, or Skinny5 detox in between to stay hydrated. You should drink half of each juice or smoothie every 2-3 hours, to keep from feeling hungry. Again, missing the urge to chew your food is common. If you want to snack on something start with fresh cut vegetables, 100% vegetable dips, low sugar fresh fruits in moderation, and light proteins like a small handful of raw nuts, a hardboiled egg, etc.

Keep in mind that this is a weight loss program. If you are not hungry skip drinking the rest of your juice or smoothie. Have another serving of fresh-pressed juice or healthy smoothie only when you feel hungry.


Divide your weight in half and that is the number of ounces of water you should drink (up to a maximum of 96 ounces or 1 1/2 gallons) everyday while on the juice cleanse plus program.  If half you weight comes out to less than 96 ounces feel free to still meet that quota.  If half of your weight comes out to more than 96 ounces there is no need to go over that amount in one day.

Water can be drank in the form of filtered water, spring water, sparkling water, flavored water essence (100% water and all natural fruit and vegetable essence nothing added, zero calories), spa water, herbal hot tea, and herbal iced tea.

ELIMINATE:  Caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and unrefined carbohydrates prior to starting and while on the juice cleanse plus program for best results.  Please read Detox Symptoms Explained so you know what to expect when your start the program.  If you have not been eating a clean diet and your detox symptoms are too severe then you can wean off of caffeine, alcohol, sugar, unrefined carbohydrates prior to starting then try again later.

The following is only a suggested meal plan.  You can create your own shakes using the Shake Blueprint.  You can opt to have only one shake a day plus two meals or two shakes a day plus one meal.   You can opt to skip this portion of the program.  If there is an ingredient that you don’t like, can’t afford, can’t find then use the Good Foods to Eat list and make substitutions.

Again, I am not telling you what to eat, the following meal plans and daily menus are merely suggestions.  It is your body…listen to it!  If you are too hungry, then eat more from the Good Foods to Eat list.  If you are full, then do not eat.  And whatever you do, do not eat foods that you do not enjoy.  If you do not like the way you feel on the Juice Cleanse Plus Program then stop it immediately.

If you experience feeling light headed, dizziness, fainting, low blood pressure, high blood pressure, severe hunger, or any unusual or uncomfortable symptoms then stop the Juice Cleanse Plus Program immediately.  You may continue on any of the other plans in the program at any time.  Make sure to drink the recommended amount of water per day to prevent dehydration.

This is not a traditional juice cleanse involving fruit juice and vegetable juice only.  The shake recipes and shake blueprint are designed to include:  protein, healthy fat, and complex carbohydrates, making them a complete meal.  You will also get fiber, omega essential fatty acids each day, along with antioxidants.

Make sure to take a quality multiple vitamin supplement and minerals everyday and to drink all of the recommended amount of water. If you are prone to or begin experiencing constipation, then please read:  Avoiding Constipation

EXERCISE: if you are not currently exercising and/or are out of shape then I do not recommend starting until you finish the Juice Cleanse Plus Plan.  If you chose to exercise then stick with walking, bike riding, gentle yoga, or swimming.  If you are currently exercising and the Juice Cleanse Plus Plan leaves you feeling energetic then continue with your current exercise program if you like but I recommend sticking to walking, bike riding, gentle yoga, or swimming during the Juice Cleanse Plus Plan.

SHAKE BLUEPRINT – guidelines for creating your own shake recipes:  

Make sure to use organic ingredients.  You don’t want to blend up a toxic soup in your shake

1-2 C liquid:  unsweetened nut milk: coconut, cashew, or almond homemade or from a carton at 45 calories per cup or less, herbal tea, filtered water, Spring water, kombucha, and fermented coconut water kefir. Note: regular coconut water is high in sugar. You may want to hold off on using it until you’ve lost your first 5 pounds.

10 oz. bag frozen, about 3C+ low sugar fruits {organic is a good choice}. Stick to low glycemic fruits until you lose your first 5 pounds, see the Glycemic Index

1-4C fresh green, {organic is a good choice}  like baby spinach leaves, baby kale, romaine lettuce, Boston leaf lettuce, Swiss Chard, dandelion greens {bitter}, etc.

1T omega essential fatty acids or healthy fats per smoothie:  100% nut butter, no salt, oil, or sugar added, chia seeds, ground flax meal, hemp hearts or seeds, or avocado. Avocados make really thick and creamy smoothies. They’re loaded with healthy fat but limit them to 1/2 avocado per day, a few times a week.

Antioxidant boosts: organic, freeze-dried acai powder, fresh garlic, fresh ginger, fresh turmeric, RAW cacao powder

NOTE:  Please make sure all of the ingredients you choose are on the Good Foods to Eat List.  Avoid adding any natural sugars or sweeteners or artificial sweeteners.  If the shakes aren’t sweet enough for you with the natural sugar from the fruit try adding zero calorie, 100% liquid Stevia drops, to taste. Or a medjool date or a prune to your shake.  Please, remove the pit and discard before adding to blender. Not recommended until you lose your first 5 pounds.

DAY 1 – Juice Cleanse Plus Plan, suggested menu and meal plans

Upon rising: 8 ounces of Kombucha or Coconut Water Kefir OR juice of 1/2 fresh lemon in a cup of warm water or herbal tea


Snack: drink the other half of your breakfast shake or enjoy a Simple Shake or a Mint Cucumber Cooler



Dinner:  South of the Border Shake


DAY 2 – Juice Cleanse Plus

Optional – upon rising: 8 oz Kombucha or Coconut Water or Coconut Milk Kefir or juice of 1/2 fresh lemon in 1C warm water or herbal tea to cleanse the liver and alkalize the body.

Breakfast shake: drink 1/2 of shake, wait 20 minutes if still hungry finish shake, if not save it for your snack

Snack: if you are hungry drink the other half of your breakfast shake if leftover OR enjoy a Simple Shake

Lunch Shake:

Snack: if you are hungry drink the other half of your breakfast shake or enjoy a Simple Shake or a Mint Cucumber Cooler

Dinner Shake:

Dessert Shake:

DAY 3 – Juice Cleanse Plus

Upon rising: 8 ounces of Kombucha or Coconut Water Kefir or juice of 1/2 fresh lemon in a cup of warm water or herbal tea

Breakfast shake:


Lunch Shake:


Dinner Shake:

Dessert Shake:

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