Skinny5 Weight Loss Program – Coming Soon

Welcome to the Skinny5 Weight Loss Program website!


Aloha & welcome...

We're working hard over here on the Big Island
of Hawaii to bring you our new program. 

In the meantime enjoy some of our 5 ingredient recipes. 
All Skinny5 recipes are made with real whole foods and 
are gluten-free, grain-free, and sugar-free.

While not as restrictive as the Keto Diet or 
Whole 30 {Paleo Diet}, many of our 
5 ingredient recipes are compatible.

How they differ...

Some 5 Ingredient Recipes for Skinny5 contain more of the
fruits and vegetables limited on the Keto Diet and exclude
unhealthy fats like bacon and sausage made from pork.

Some 5 Ingredient Recipes for Skinny5 contain fermented
dairy like yogurt and cheese which are excluded from 
Whole 30 and other Paleo-tyoe diets.

We hope you enjoy our recipes and would love
to hear what you think!

Please, email us at: Recipes@Skinny5.com

Cheers to your health!
The Skinny5 Team